Partial legislative election : Bernard Brochand far ahead

Posté mar 27/03/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

Bernard brochand, with 42.98% of vote casts, arrived far ahead on Sunday evening during the first round of the partial legislative election in the 8th district of the Alpes-Maritimes. He definitely gets ahead of Gilles Cima (UDF) who has received 19.93% of votes. Albert Peyron (FN) is ranked third, followed by Jany Mossé (PS) with 6.97%, by the Green party candidate Dominique Fillebeen (6.26%) and the communist Claude Meyffret (4.62%). Other three candidates have realized poor results : Patrice Bruera (CNI) with 1.48%, the ecologist MEI Jean-Pierre Villon (1.05%) and Michel Brun, no label (0.01%).This first round has been marked by a strong abstentionism (more than 63%). During this partial legislative election provoked by the death of Louise Moreau (UDF-AD), the new RPR mayor of Cannes, as it was expected, has benefited from the effect of the municipal election. Bernard Brochand should compete with Gilles Cima (if the latter decides to maintain himself) for a second round which will take place next Sunday April 1st.

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