PCs French market: Compaq is leading the sales

Posté jeu 24/08/2000 - 00:00
Par admin

With 14.5% of market shares, Compaq is at the top of PCs sales in France during the second semester of 2000 (900,000 PCs sold, less 0.8% compared with last year same period). Hewlett Packard (14.1%), Dell (12.9%), Nec (12.8%), and IBM (11.8%) are following and the other competitors represent the 33% left. Compared with last year same period, the figures which come out from a Gartner Dataquest Group study; show that there has been a decrease in professional purchases (less 16%), but an extraordinary boom in family purchases (plus 67%). This can explain the boom of Hewlett (plus 21%) and Nec (plus 12.7%). On the contrary, the mobile PCs market for firms is booming (plus 27%).

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