Philippe Mediavilla: a happy manager

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At 36, the Metrix CEO is happy: his start-up is going very well. This is a success that rewards the exciting route this European man who speaks several languages has done.

Europe: he is in since he was born! His father is a Spaniard, his mother a French woman, he made his studies in Belgium (in Flemish). Thus, nothing is more obvious that he married an Italian woman coming from…Luxembourg!After studies in electronics that he stopped, Philippe Mediavilla began to work in telecommunications at the grassroots level: 'I began by installing cables when I was working for Ericsson, in Brussels, then I managed projects.'He was already thinking about the idea of a small firm where all had to be created. He joined an ex-colleague firm which was dealing with telephony and executed contracts that increased the turnover of the company. His wife called Sonia found an upgrading job in an important Luxembourg bank. Not 'macho' at all, that was Philippe Mediavilla who followed his wife. He found a job in a firm dealing with computer networks and was appreciated. His good results allowed him to be engaged by another Belgium firm that entrusted to him the direction of its Luxembourg subsidiary.The second day, he executed a 3.5 million euros contract. The subsidiary was flourishing. But the strategy of the holding which managed the branch did not correspond to what Philippe Mediavilla was looking for. Thus, he decided to leave the firm. 'With a co-worker I founded NSE in 1993. We were successful in advices given for networks management, maybe because we knew how to detect the needs in advanced tools firms had. We signed very interesting contracts with the NATO and the European Community.'Move to SophiaOn this market he detected a non-satisfied need of big firms in software solutions of computer parks management. 'That is why I decided to found Metrix, with two other co-workers. The beginning was very difficult. We did not have any capital, nor wages during one year. Fortunately, our wives were there to support us! Without their moral and material support we could not have reached our goal!'Metrix has been launched and has good results. 'To comfort our growth, it was difficult to recruit in Luxembourg. Thus we decided to relocate the firm and to settle in Sophia Antipolis in 1997.'According to Philippe Mediavilla, the balance is very positive. 'The technopole benefits from an excellent image in the USA: these are American partners that suggested to me to settle there! Recruiting is easy: everybody wants to come and work on the French Riviera. What is curious is that since we are here, training courses we organize for our clients are full…it was not the case in Luxembourg!'A human adventureThe French Riviera air is of benefit to Metrix and even to its CEO. 'I have not enough time to visit the region, but here I am fine. My two children-4 and 6 years old-integrated well. My wife entered the Metrix adventure with me: she helps us in human resources. She can speak five languages, which makes easier the international recruitment!, he adds with admiration.Philippe Mediavilla really wants to enter the 'sophipolitan life'. 'We take part in the Telecom Valley association, in the Jeux de Sophia (Games in Sophia), in exhibitions organized by the Chamber of Commerce or the Route des Hautes Technologies (High-Tech Way)…'He welcomes warmly and with availability; he is not a 'speedy businessman' as it is on fashion among start-ups managers. The success did not change him:' it is exciting to create a firm. You have crazy days, but that is a pleasure! Even if one day I am very rich, I am sure I would start the adventure again. It is a nice adventure, above all a great human adventure. That is a reward to see around you people happy in their work, as I am!Contact:

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