Philosophy: Michel Serres? point of view on the virtual reality

Posté lun 25/06/2001 - 00:00
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It is a pleasure to read this interview of Michel Serres published in Le Monde on June 19th 2001! The one who is considered as one of the great French philosophers still alive answers the questions of Michel Alberganti on the virtual reality. The virtual reality is at the heart of the debate on the Internet and new technologies. In "Michel Serres, philosopher: The virtual reality is the essence of mankind", the one who was also the author of a premonitory report on distance learning in 1994, simply explains that there is nothing new between yesterday’s and today’s virtual reality.At the time, books, cinema, and television were already accused of taking away from the reality and breaking the social connection. New techniques are extremely old in their aims and extraordinarily new in their realization. As for writing and printing, they will affect most of social practices”, asserts Michel Serres. Worth reading and meditating.

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