Piaggio Aero France settles in Nice

Posté mar 03/10/2000 - 00:00
Par admin

Although the frontier is near, very few Italian firms come to settle on the French Riviera. So, this is with a great pleasure that the settlement of a Piaggio Aero France study office, a subsidiary of Piaggio Aero de Finale Ligure has been welcomed. The subsidiary which settles in Nice leader 'Centaure' premises, at number 66, rte de Grenoble, will be unveiled on Wednesday, Oct. 4th at 6:00 pm, with Piero Ferrari, Piaggio Aero Industries CEO and José di Mase, the delegated manager.Piaggio, which is above all known thanks to scooters, was first a firm specialized in aeronautics. And, actually, scooters and aeronautics are two distinct groups. Piaggio Aero study offices near Genova gather together about one thousand engineers and technicians. By settling on the other side of the frontier, the group is looking for attracting multicultural abilities easier to find and to keep on the French Riviera. About 50 people will be employed by the subsidiary.

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