Pierre Laffitte and Aucland in Germany

Posté mer 21/06/2000 - 00:00
Par admin

On next June 26th and 27th , Pierre Laffitte, the Alpes Maritimes Senator will go to Germany with President Jacques Chirac, at the occasion of his official visit. For the founder of the Sophia Antipolis technopole, it will be the opportunity to co-lead the 'Media-IT' Workshop, organized by the France Embassy in Federal Republic of Germany.Here is the programme of the workshop : the presentation of the French firms that are settled in Germany or that are about to do so, the analysis of the German market, of its constraints and flexibilities, the search for strategic partners and the Networking development in Germany, financial partners and round of financing/floatation on the Neuer Markt. Aucland, the Sophia Antipolis firm, will take part to the workshop, and its founder Philippe Grinda will be among the French entrepreneurs who are invited and presented. The French president, with Federal Chancellor Gerhard Shroüder, should join the participants in order to get the conclusions of the debates, reported by Senator Laffitte.

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