Preamble : the necessity to take action at once

Posté jeu 14/06/2001 - 00:00
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In their foreword, the senators Pierre Laffitte and René Trégouët explain why they account for their works before they are over.

It is not the custom for parliamentary office reporters in charge of the evaluation of scientific and technologic choices to account for their works before they are over. We felt it was necessary.The hearings of more than 50 of the main actors in the sector, the different contacts, either national or European, the mission to several directions and services of the European Commission have convinced us that it was urgent to take action.The backwardness of the main European countries compared to the United States and the Nordic countries, worrying for the case of Germany, is even more worrying, at least in the sector of the broadband Internet for our country. Its importance implies that the necessary boost has to be high in order to remedy to the current lack of popularization of the telecommunication sector.It is is the price to pay in order to overcome the crisis of a sector which plays a leading role in the economy and which may transform it deeply.Is it necessary to remind the results of the survey carried out by the BIPE which has proved that a field of activity which only participates at 5% in the GDP contributes to a part which isn’t inferior to the third of its growth, and probably even superior?Should we insist on the basic characteristic of the use of new technologies with the high growth the American economy faced for ten years ? Everyone now knows that the new economy spreads rapidly in each country and it will strongly establish the competitions positions of the overall of its manufacturers and service providers.Is it also necessary to say once again that tomorrow’s land use planning will be closely linked to the possibilities which will be offered to companies searching to set up to use these new technologies?Apparently, yes.At this stage of their survey, the works of your reporters allow them to establish a triple acknowledgement and to conclude proposals which have to be taken into account according to them.

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