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Posté ven 26/01/2001 - 00:00
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The on line edition of the Le Monde group, available at the address /">www.lemonde.frhas a new design since the beginning of the week. The portal strategy that prevailed since spring 2000, seems to be abandoned. The home page is much alike the daily paper, that should allow a better visual identity. A window 'Last hour' was opened and frequent updates are planned (at least three per day). This is the third edition since the creation of the on line creation on December 19th 1995. In an article, /,5987,3236--139064-,00.html"> 'Une nouvelle formule pour', Le Monde interactif explains that information is only 'one of the three characteristics of an on line offer which is likely to spread progressively in the next months to services and interactive functions.'To be continued.

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