Price war on PDAs (La Tribune)

Posté jeu 15/11/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

For consumers, this is one of the positive effects of the crisis in the computer world and the price war which is resulting from it. Besides the price of PCs, the tariffs of PDAs (Personal Digital Assistant) have already experienced some spectacular falls. La Tribune, quoting the speech of Handspring CEO, Jeff Hawkins, at the Comdex in Las Vegas, reviews the situation in an article entitled "La baisse des prix devrait continuer sur le marché des PDA" (prices should keep on falling on the market of PDAs). Jeff Hawkins has declared that prices would certainly keep on falling down to $200, for models which cost around $300 at the moment. As well, Palms are concerned by this movement but less than the new PocketPCs which are outdoing PDAs.

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