Public building and works sector: Y2K not as good as expected

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Building sites in decrease by 15% in the department: the balance sheet 2000 of the Federation of public building and works sector in the Alpes-Maritimes is mitigated. However, there are many needs.

Years 1998 and especially 1999 had been very hopeful for the public building and works sector in the Alpes-Maritimes. But Y2K did not confirm it: building sites are decreasing compared to the previous year, with a decrease by 15% of the number of accommodations built in the department. A much deeper fall than the national average (- 1.8% on the whole French territory). Employment has kept on increasing thanks to the decrease of the VAT to 5.5% for maintenance and remodelling works. The Federation of public building and private sector in the Alpes-Maritimes has thus presented a mitigated balance sheet, on Monday May 14th in Nice, during the plenary session.Priorities within the department according to the public building and works sectorNeeds in this sector are very important. President Paul Di Natale has put priorities forwards. First, accommodations for active population. The lack of accommodations as Prefect of the Alpes-Maritimes Jean-René Garnier underlines, is at the moment the most dangerous threat for the economic development of within the department. In order to face this lack, Paul Di Natale proposes to implement specific tax measures, as well as a demolition and reconstruction program for the social rental housing stock which has become unsanitary and inappropriate.Other priority: the plan of elimination of household and assimilated wastes in the department, a plan headed by the Prefect of the Alpes-Maritimes. ”One or several proximity solutions have to be found, despite reluctances of some people; in the general interest of the department” the president of the federation has declared. The debate has lasted for six years and emergency is more and more absolute.Then, road communications. Paul Di Natale has called for a deep reflection over regional planning, and principally over flows between North and South and especially between East and West in the department. According to him ”whatever the quality of future collective transport means, they will not be able to face, on their own, the growing increase in moving needs of the population”;A call for vigilance and concertThe new planning order in the region will have to take such priorities into account. The wish of the Federation: this order plays a constructive and stimulating role and not a supplementary regulating obstacle.Economic conditions are still good. Representatives of local governments who have successively spoken have mentioned some positive elements: finances of local governments are all the more sound as a strong effort has been made to reduce the debt; the plan contract between the State and the Region will increase investments for road transports, railroads, university. This will be some building site for this sector. But it still has to be concretised. Hence a call for vigilance and concert launched by political authorities as well as by the Federation of public building and works sector.

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