Quescom: the new telephony services on the Internet

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The start-up of Sophia, specialized in IP telephony, concluded an agreement with the American Dynamicsoft, in order to develop its range of products and services.

QuesCom, start-up of Sophia specializing in the design of convergence solutions between the voice and data, announced the establishment of a partnership with Dynamicsoft. This company, based in Hanover, New Jersey, is one of the main providers of communication infrastructure solutions for operators, on cabled and wireless IP networks.Not only for international phone calls« This partnership represents for us a significant advance, for at least two main reasons, explains Philippe Oros, CEO of Quescom. First, it comforts us in our vision of the future, allowing us to offer our clients a complete range of products and services. Secondly, it shows how telephony on IP evolves: from an economic use for international phone calls, it becomes a service of recognized professional telephony. »Collaboration agreements between Quescom and Dynamicsoft indicate plans to create a SIP medium (Session Initiation Protocol) for the solutions of Quescom. This collaboration allows companies to benefit from advantages linked to the new services based on IP telephony and to reduce their communication costs.SIP is in the process of becoming the most appropriate protocol for conference functions, telephony and multimedia and every other type of communication linked to IP networks and to the Internet. Final users will have a better flexibility at their disposal. For example, the ability to group calls together or to change their characteristics to integrate videoconference or audioconference.From the company’s current equipmentHere are some of the key services Quescom will now be able to offer: personal mobility, negotiations or final selections (between IP telephony, mobile phone and messenger service), the possibility to redirect an incoming call so that several extensions can be called at the same time.It is worth noting that Quescom is different than other IP telephony service providers, acting on the companies’ existing infrastructures. Thus, an operator can increase its incomes thanks to new IP applications, which can be developed very rapidly and can minimize the users’ expenditures, installing these new services on existing equipment. Thus, It is also a way to introduce telephony on the Internet in the daily organization of a company.

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