Railroad Cannes-Grasse : an increasing estimate

Posté mar 24/04/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

The reopening of the SNCF line between Cannes and Grasse, scheduled for 2005, risks to come up against a big financing problem. The scheduled planning, which has been estimated at 200 million francs (the amount has been registered in the State-Region contract) have recently been figured at 535 million francs. Almost three times more. For the whole Grasse basin, as for the line profitability, the point is to make the line go down to Cannes center at least (the railroad stops at La Bocca for the moment).But, in order to link the Grasse-La Bocca railroad section to the general network, they have to realize big works and notably an elevated junction branching fork (a track which would pass over the other in order to avoid crossing of lines) and a doubling of the existing track between Mouans-Sartoux and Grasse (2.5 km). These works make the amount increase and could make the opening-up of Grasse more difficult. As a result, it would a whole section of the regional plan of railroad development in the Alpes-Maritimes.

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