Railroad line Cannes-Grasse: the estimate is increasing

Posté mar 01/08/2000 - 00:00
Par admin

The re-opening of the SNCF line Cannes-Grasse, planned for 2005, risks to encounter an important problem of financing. The planned developments, which had been estimated at 200 MF, were recently fixed at 535 MF. Even three times more. For the entire Grasse basin, and also for the profitability of the line, the main interest would be to reach downtown Cannes (for the moment the line stops at La Bocca).But to link up the railroad section Grasse-La Bocca to the main network, it is necessary to make heavy developments and especially a fork different in height and a doubling of the existing road between Mouans-Sartoux and Grasse (2.5 km). These are works that increase the estimated amount and that could make problematical the opening up of Grasse. And this would also disturb the regional plan for railroad development in the Alpes-Maritimes.

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