: 28 million pages seen in October

Posté mar 21/11/2000 - 00:00
Par admin

/">Respublica.frin good shape. The virtual community, which is now in the bosom of the Liberty Surf Group, has reached a new ratings record in October 2000. According to Médiamétrie 's figures, during the month 430.000 members, 6 million visitors (a doubling as against the figures in September 2000) and 28 million pages seen (15 million in September) have been counted. The success of the site from Sophia Antipolis is due to three innovations particularly appreciated by web surfers : the 'chat' tool and the 'Live Chat' with personalities from the show-business such as Patrick Bruel, Michel Boujenah, and Spice Girls' Mel B; the offer of personal pages; the platform of services with the 'Appointments' which have gathered around 10000 people in a few weeks and the 'Circle' service equipped with more than 600 sets of themes of personal pages.

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