and its employees buried the hatchet

Posté jeu 12/07/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

Employees of, the start-up of Mougins, won’t stand trial against the Tiscali-LibertySurf group. In the conflict which arose concerning the elections of staff representatives (see article "Journal du Net: LibertySurf against employees of Respublica"), an area of agreement was found two or three days before the hearing, which should have taken place at Paris High court of Justice on July 9th. An agreement was signed in which employees could obtain either redeployment proposals (mainly in Paris), subsidies for the start of new businesses, or severance pay.However,, which burst into the new economy on the French Riviera, will leave the villa of Mougins after the end of the summer. The great adventure on the French Riviera is over. See article Nice-Matin dedicated to this departure, written by Philippe Dupuy (The “Net Republic” changes of capital).

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