: the keys of the villa given back at the end of August

Posté mar 21/08/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

At the end of August, the community villa owned by at Mougins will be over. The website of virtual communities, created by Christophe Dupont will give back the keys. Tiscali Liberty Surf, which is the owner of the company, has decided to close the branch on the French Riviera and to keep the offices in Paris only. Most of the 39 employees of Mougins have preferred to stay on the French Riviera and aim at getting back on the regional labour market (an agreement was set between them and Tiscali for the establishment of the social scheme).Respublica was born at the CICA of Sophia Antipolis at the end of 1998. However, because of the growth of the number of employees (about sixty people at its best time), the company had to choose another solution to host the employees. When renting a big villa with swimming pool in Mougins, it benefited from a great image : a community villa for a website of vuirtual communities with employees meeting around the swimming pool and with very loud hard rock music on the floors. This image is now to be written in the legend of the new economy on the French Riviera…

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