Right Vision: Appliances Servers tested by PC Expert

Posté lun 30/07/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

The PC Expert magazine published a special report on this new generation of servers which are appliances servers in its edition of July-August 2001. Thus, 3 Com Internet Server, Cobalt/ Qube 3, Net Pilot de Dicq Technologies, theEye Box One V2 of Right Vision and the Acessnet S10 of Toshiba/Magna were tested and compared. This comparison gave a good position to Right Vision, a start-up established at Mouans-Sartoux, even if Cobalt, after many reflections since the products are of a good standard, won the preference of the editorial board of the magazine.This choice was made according to the criteria of the mounting of equipment and messaging, security and hosting. The Eye Box, for which 1,500 units were sold on the first term in Europe (compared to 2,000 for Cobalt, the American rival recently bought out by Sun), however imposes itself clearly on the website hosting market.

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