Right Vision leaves Sophia to settled in Mouans-Sartoux

Posté mar 19/09/2000 - 00:00
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One of the most promising start-ups in Sophia is going to settle in 3,000m² premises in Zone de l'Argile and has planned a new American round of table of more than 200 million francs.

It is useless to look for the Right Vision team on Monday, Sept. 18th, in Sophia Antipolis: one of the most promising start-ups in the technopole moved during the week-end. The European leader in internet servers 'Appliances', those 'black boxes' which help to make easier the internet use for small and middle-sized firms or for ISP (internet access suppliers), settled in Mouans-Sartoux, in Zone de l'Argile. The question is not that the firm which arrived in February in Sophia has already wanted to leave the park, but the company is at the moment experimenting an increasing boom and could not find on the spot areas it was looking for, for its premises. Thus, it moved to Mouans-Sartoux in a former printer works premises, where the start-up has settled in 1,500 m² with the possibility for next year to obtain 1,500 m² more.60 people in 350m²The Right Vision problem is very easy. The company was founded in Paris in October 1999, by jean-Claude Carles and Alexandre Krivine, leading ISP Skyworld, then the Cegetel internet department. The firm arrived in Sophia Antipolis at Buropolis at the end of January 2000. At the beginning, there were 15 people in 150 m², but the team widened very fast. The available area could be widened until 350 m². But at Buropolis it was impossible to get more.And, at the same time, Right Vision had grown like a champion. Three successive levies had brought the financing which was needed for the development: 60 million francs to which was added a 4.9 million francs ANVAR loan. The most important loans ANVAR has ever done, according to the quality of the project.Launching of the Eye-Box, the first good which aims at small and middle-sized companies' market. During the summer, subsidiaries were also set up: German (Munich); British (London); and it is planned to have some in Benelux and in Scandinavia; then next year in Italy (Milan) and in Spain (Madrid). In Sophia they were about 60 people to work in a 350m² premise and some 20 others are working in subsidiaries.350 people within 2 yearsThus, the company had to find premises as soon as possible, in order to face the development. And the take off is keeping on. Right Vision will launch on the market in October, the product the firm designed for professional workers in computer science and internet: Eye Box Pro. The start-up has also engaged a new pool, the fourth, with American investors. The levy may be over 200 million francs.Right Vision has planned to have more than 100 employees before the end of the year, and 350 within two years. And recruitments in: human resources, management controls, marketing services …That is a pity Sophia could not present a property business offer allowing this development. But very special thanks to Mouans-Sartoux which welcomed the firm and permit it not to be obliged to leave the French Riviera…

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