Right Vision: professional Internet for SOHO

Posté lun 11/06/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

Right Vision, the European leader of Servers Internet Appliances, a start-up set up in Mouans-Sartoux is also interested in the market of SOHO (Small Office, Home Office). Its new server Eye-box Max targets indeed at very small companies. Those which are composed of less than 20 people but which want to take advantage unrestrainedly of any opportunities offered by professional Internet.The Right Vision "solution" is presented under the form of a designed box which integrates a software pack for an accessible price. "Its performances allow it to cover all the Internet services such as shared access or messaging management. Thanks to its functionalities, the Eye-box MAX is the starting point of a first company network for those which want a global, simple and immediately operational Internet solution," it is written in the press release which announces the coming of Max after the ranges of Eye Box One and Eye Box Pro more dedicated to the market of SMEs.

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