Right Vision: timbering for black boxes

Posté mar 10/10/2000 - 00:00
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The specialists in Appliances Internet servers obtained the SCSSI accreditation, in order to guarantee to the boxes a high security level.

Good news for right vision which has just got the SCSSI accreditation (Central Service for Information System Security, created in 1986.) by the Prime Minister. The start-up, from now on settled in Mouans-Sartoux and specialist in Appliances Internet servers, has just received the authorization to use the coding algorithm Triple DES with 192 bits. It is important to know that the agreement decision or its refusal comes under the Prime Minister after having conferred the ministries concerned. This agreement is linked to the acceptation by the lawyer of the terms and conditions and is delivered for 4 years, renewable.The obtaining of a European scale accreditation was important for Right Vision. It permits to its Eye-Box range of products to have coding solutions of the market, in addition with a dynamic firewall. Actually a considerable level of security and reliability. 'The dynamic firewall, the lodging of specific applications in secure zones via a DMZ, and the possibility to create a virtual private network make Eye-Box ONE, one of the securest solutions on the Appliances Internet market,'the firm has declared in a release.The VPN (virtual private network) allows to exchange data between two distant sites with the highest possible security, via the Internet. This dynamic firewall offers a protection maximum versus the outside. The Eye-box ONE secure system guarantees the integrity of clients' machines, confidentiality of the data given, a protection against any external intrusion, and a firewall automatic reparametrization after the modification of an IP static or dynamic address (automatic synchronization of IP addresses and firewall rules).Right Vision has already sold 1,200 Eye-box ONE and plans to reach about 5,000 sales before the end of the year, which corresponds to a 45 million franc turnover for 6 months only.

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