Right Vision : a turnover of 3 million euros in 2000

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The European leader of Internet Appliances servers generated its sales during the last quarter of 2000 and expects a turnover of 42 million euros for 2001.

After the e-krach of April 2000, it has become obvious that the start-ups that will hold on will be those which are able to generate a turnover and profits quickly. So, the results of 2000 for Right Vision, the European leader of the Internet Appliances Servers market settled in Mouans-Sartoux, can reassure everybody about the durability of the company. For year 2000, Right Vision (about one hundred people today) has announced a turnover of 3 million euros (almost 200 million francs), which has been exclusively generated during the last quarter. This result has been mainly obtained in France and it has to be said that this company, created early 2000, was able to present a business offer only from the last three months of 2000, what correspond to its business plan by the way.The signature of important contracts during its first year confirms Right Vision in their leader position and, late 2001, it should allow them to account for 30% of shares of the French market and 8% of shares of the European market,it is declared in a press release. For 2001, the growth strategy of Right Vision will focus on the continuous European development and on the increase of the production. The company expects a turnover of 42 million euros for the year, that is to say 14 times more than for 2000 !Actually, the company intends to benefit from the spill-over generated by structured and operational business offices, from a broader presence in Europe (United-Kingdom, Germany, Italy for the moment), from a distribution network already federated by their partner program 'The Eve Network'. In 2001, the international development will be divided in three periods : the opening of Scandinavian countries and Benelux during the first quarter, the expansion towards South-Europe and East-Europe during the second quarter and a settlement in Asia during the last six months of 2001. In the same time as the business effort, Right Vision has strengthened their production capacities by entrusting the Continental Edison company with the task of manufacturing their servers.

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