: a rose grower from Antibes in the e-business

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Gilbert Constans, a rose grower, has opened his cyber shop three months ago. More than one hundred people have already visited the site with some ten orders registered.

The e-business ? you do not have to be a multinational group to have access to it. Thus, an example in Antibes with Gilbert Constans, a young rose grower, who has tried to find in Internet some solutions to the decline which threatens horticulture on the French Riviera. Three months ago, with the site, he definitely launched himself in the cyber world.A real e-business siteGilbert Constans had taken the family concern created in 1925 by his grandfather a few years ago. With more than 11.000 m2 of greenhouses, it produces more than 70.000 roses all year long. Three years ago, in order to boost the activity, he launched himself in the direct sell. This was an extraordinary breath of fresh air for the company why ships one thousand packs per year.The opening of an Internet site, three months ago, extends and strengthens this approach of direct sale. On, illustrated by pictures, you find a presentation of the exploitation, explanations on the greenhouse culture, on the rose shipping method, on different varieties (the no spine rose in particular), on the rose historyTariffs are given and are very close to the market. For instance, home shipping (in France) of a bunch of ten roses costs from 140 francs (40 cm stems) and 170 francs (70 cm stems). For the same shipping, ten supplementary roses cost 40 francs and 70 francs. A service which seems all the more interesting as Gilbert Constans commits himself to home shipping within 24 hours and as he has created a special shipping service to individuals which guarantees freshness for five years.He has also to make his site and his service known by everyone. But, already registers one thousand and two hundred connections and has delivered several orders. A beginning. Thanks to his cyber shop, Gilbert Constans hopes as well to develop mail order service in western Europe (prices are a bit more expensive because of delivery costs) where he commits himself to delivering a forty-eight-hour delay ! The small rose grower is attacking the world market…

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