Rubbish dumps : La Glacière will be able to open

Posté ven 27/04/2001 - 00:00
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The prefect of the Alpes-Maritimes has authorized the operating of the Villeneuve-Loubet site. A new episode of the incredible serial of rubbish dumps in the department which started in March 2000.

A new episode of the incredible serial of rubbish dumps in the department. This serial has started with the cancellation of the departmental plan of wastes in March 2000. The cancellation has been followed, shortly afterwards, by the closure of the Jas de Madame dump. Then, (the real problems started at that time) by the cancellation, on last May 12th, of the order of the prefect which authorizes the operating of the La Glacière site in charge of being a substitute for the Jas de Madame site, by the Administrative Court. So the department and more particularly the western side of Alpes-Maritimes were with no solution for their domestic solid wastes. Thousands of tons of wastes still to be destructed…The last sudden revival is a kind of coming-back to the start. On October 17th, the Administrative Court cancelled the decision of the Villeneuve-Loubet municipal council which aimed at transforming the dump area into a listed woody quarter. As a result, Jean-René Garnier, the Alpes-Maritimes' prefect, could sign the authorization for the operating oh the La Glacière site.As this 12 hectares site have to be fitted out for being in accordance with the law, the opening of the rubbish dump could occur within four or five weeks. That's a solution for the department while the former dump, the Jas de Madame's one, which have been re-opened exceptionally for reduced quotas, reaches the saturation point, and will hardly take over. That's a solution…unless Villeneuve-Loubet city and associations could get a reprieve for the implementation of the order of the prefect in the meantime.

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