The "ruin fields" of the new markets (La Tribune)

Posté jeu 23/08/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

Those who have invested in March 2000 on the New Market of Paris really regret it today. Then, it was at its highest level. Since then, the index of “growing securities” has decreased by 86% ! Such a decrease has particularly gone faster recently, with a decrease by 40% for the first three months. At the moment, the new market is at the “lowest level” since October 98 (it was under 1.100 points on August 22nd 2001). La Tribune in "La « bulle » n'en finit pas d'éclater au nouveau marché" reviews this fall to hell which has been “as vertiginous as the increase was”. A poor consolation for small and big shareholders: European homologues of the New Market are at the same level. the German Neuer Markt, “which weights five times more, has decreased by 60% since the beginning of the year and the Italian Nuovo Mercato by 50%”, the daily says.

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