SAEM: justice cancels the redundancy procedure

Posté mar 19/09/2000 - 00:00
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The Grasse County Court requested that the consultation procedure be resumed. At the same time, the Symisa modified the contract which links it to the SAEM.

For the SAEM SACA (firm which manages the technopole), Monday, Sept. 18th was an important day. Two events were expected on that day. The first took place in Regional council premises with the Symisa (the mixed union of Sophia Antipolis) which adopted the reorganization of its contract, in order to put in conformity the convention which links it to the SAEM.During the meeting, a convention of objectives Symisa-CAD about trade promotion and prospecting was voted, while the economic action and businesses service were transferred to the CCINCA. However, the vote was not unanimously obtained. The leaving, during the meeting, of the deputy and mayor of Antibes Jean Léonetti was deeply noticed, and above all, he did not give power of attorney, so he did not take part in the vote.During the meeting, the SAEM president, Roger Duhalde, reminded people of the board of directors position: the European directive obliged to make an invitation to tender of some of the SAEM missions, and because of the activities which are no longer executed, the firm is loosing 20,000 francs a day. A situation which can not be maintained. The Symisa massively confirmed the position.The second event was taking place at the Grasse County Court. A part of the staff which contests the whole redundancy procedure had complained to the Court of Justice. The Court approved the SAEM employees: the redundancy procedure was cancelled not because of the content but because of the problem of staff consultation. The judge noticed that the consultation procedure should be resumed and that it could not be before a new deliberation of the SAEM board of directors.

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