SAEM Sophia Antipolis: the hatchet was buried

Posté jeu 02/11/2000 - 00:00
Par admin

The SAEM board of directors signed an agreement with the staff about the placement of the employees made redundant.

The conflict found an end at the SAEM. The hatchet was buried on October 19 at the time of the second legal meeting in the mass redundancy procedure for economic reasons.Placement in the Symisa and in the CCIDuring the meeting, an agreement on the placement of the employees made redundant was signed between the SAEM board of directors and the staff delegates. In a common release, the presidency and the general management on one hand and the staff representatives on the other hand (23 people employed) gave the rules of this treaty for peace.'The solution accepted by both parties should allow to replace as well as possible the employees made redundant and at the same time maintain the coherence necessary to the development of the product Sophia Antipolis, thanks to a clever link between the Symisa and the various operators in the region, each in charge of one part of the development of the product. Eleven people were made redundant: 4 out of them preferred leave the firm without being replaced, the 7 remaining people will be recruited by the Symisa or the CCI. The Symisa office in the meeting of October 23 voted unanimously less one voice an agreement of principle for the reorganization. The vote of the extra budget of the Symisa on November 13 should end the decision.'The new organization rules should be presented in the days to come by both parties, partners again.

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