Saint-Laurent's harbour : restaurant owners have to get in step

Posté mer 14/03/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

Will restaurant owners of Saint-Laurent's harbour respect the decision taken on Wednesday August 30th by their association? Will they remove their tables and chairs which invaded the pavements and that the DDE (Buildings and Equipment Branch of the department) firmly ordered to remove? The answer will be given on Monday March 4th. Last August 1st, indeed, the DDE had ordered the restaurant owners to respect the authorized limits. A month delay was given in order to leave the pavements for pedestrians. Monday is the last day for this ultimatum.However, it isn't the only thing. Another date restaurant owners will have to respect: at the beginning of 2001, all the 'paillotes' (small constructions built beyond the initial sites) will have to be destroyed. For some restaurants, which extended widely, it will sometimes be up to 50% of available covers that will be withdrawn…

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