SAirGroup: the CCI doesn't want to comment on the situation for now

Posté mar 03/04/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

Administrator of Nice French Riviera Airport, the Chamber of Commerce or CCI keeps an eye on the evolution of SAirGroup's affairs. It keeps an eye on it all the more so since it had initiated the whole strategy of Nice's hub. The connection platform which was established by Air Littoral in 1996 gave a new dynamism to the platform of Nice. As a result, Air Littoral grew in power with 1.2 million passengers in 2000. Moreover, one of the great steps of the works on the airport concerns a 'commuter' terminal on the concept of a fast connection platform. The works apply to what Air Littoral does nowadays.However, with lack of information, the CCI remains very cautious. It gave its opinion on the matter within a press release published on Monday evening April 2nd. 'Decisions announced this morning don't make it possible to draw conclusions for the future of companies concerned. They can't lead neither to the evaluation of consequences on a short or medium term as for the presence of these companies on the platform of Nice.'As a result, the CCI 'won't comment on the decisions announced this morning... It will keep on following the changes of this situation and will let it know its point of view concerning this affair when accurate information will be communicated to them by the Board of France of the companies concerned'.

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