Sale of the Legrand factory in Antibes: less likely to happen

Posté jeu 04/10/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

The sale of the Legrand factory in Antibes (700 employees) seems to be more and more improbable since the merge between the two biggest electric equipment manufacturer in France, Legrand and Schneider, is less likely to happen. Indeed, the European commissioner has not given his approval concerning the merger of both groups, because it should entail the creation of a company leading the French market. Nevertheless, it is rare that the European executive doesn’t approve the negative opinion given by the European Commissioner, after that experts of the Competition have given their conclusions. Thus, the merger is more and more unlikely to happen. As the sale of the Legrand factory represented one of the assets transfer offered to obtain Bruxelles’ approval, the necessity of the sale should be abandoned (see article "The factory Legrand could be sold ")...

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