Sales : Monaco fires the first

Posté ven 05/01/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

A new time-lag for the opening of winter sales between Monaco and France (Alpes-Maritimes as a result). In the Principality, the kick-off has been made on Tuesday December 2nd. In France, where, like last year, the government has chosen a national date, the sales will only begin on January 10th (in the past, the system was more flexible and the date was determined in each department by the Prefect after having consulted both societies of shopkeepers and customers).Last year, the time-lag between sales in Monaco and those in the Alpes-Maritimes wasn't really appreciated by shopkeepers on the French Riviera. The princely government, after having consulted all the working people, decided to keep, for one year again, the official schedule which has been established by a minister's order in 1987. Such a decision gives Monegasque shopkeepers the opportunity to take advantages of the attendance of holidaymakers, especially Italian ones, and it allows them to go into a one-length lead compared to Menton, Nice and Cannes as for sales, which, in Monaco, concern particularly luxury goods.

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