SAME 2001: Riviera microelectronics holds on

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In spite of difficulties in this industry, the Sophia Antipolis Forum on MicroElectronics, November 14th and 15th at the CICA of Sophia, is full of sponsors and participants.

SAME 2001, the Sophia Antipolis forum on MicroElectronics is still strong. In spite of difficulties experienced in this industry. For its fourth edition which will take place at CICA of Sophia Antipolis, November 14th and 15th, there is no more vacancies. First, there are many sponsors. Thus, on the SAME 2001 website, there are 23 logos as against 18 last year. Among them, Riviera microelectronic big companies: Texas Instruments, IBM, Cadence, Infienon, Philips Semiconductors, Conexant, Mentor Graphics, ARM, etc. As well, there are start-ups from the Riviera: Tachys, Centillium, Valvosis, Esterel Technologies, Stepmind. And even companies recently set up in Sophia such as Newlogic, Sonics. All of the companies which are part of microelectronic current events on the French Riviera !As well, there are many exhibitors: around thirty this year. Moreover, it will be possible to increase the number of exhibitors because of the size of the CICA. And finally, there are many participants since some seven hundred participants are expected for this international microelectronic meeting. Moreover, the aim is not to look for the quantity but to reinforce the quality of publications and exchanges between sponsors, as Jacques-Olivier Piednoir, one of the main members of the Hi Tech Club for this forum and co-organiser of the event with the CCI NCA, says.This year, contrary to what has been tried last year, there will not be any link between Sophia and Le Rousset. Between the “chips designing” activity, which is the symbol of Sophia, and production activities from Le Rousset. Still, the forum will last on two days. At the program, four tutorials on November 14th, each one of them is 3 hours long, with an high technical content, about scientific subjects and done by the specialist of the matter. On November 15th, there will be the main conference with six technical sessions conducted in the same time in two rooms (free access).SAME 2001 has found its way. From now on, the forum shows what microelectronics are about on the French Riviera besides the harsh situation of the world economy.ContactAll contacts and inscription forms on the website:

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