Satellites: Alcatel Space in talks with Boeing

Posté mar 19/06/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

Possible collaborations in the satellite industry ? This is what the American newspaper Wall Street make us think, in its paper of Monday June 18th, by confirming that the two European giants in this industry, Alcatel Space and Astrium, had started discussions with American groups. Thus, Alcatel Space, which has a main building in Cannes La Bocca (2.000 jobs), would be in contact with Boeing. Astrium, owned at 75% by the aeronautic and defence European group EADS, would be in talks with Loral Space and Lockheed Martin. Professionals of the industry are taking such news very seriously. They think that, for 15 years, no consolidation movement has taken place in the satellite industry and that it seems like time has come for new collaborations.

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