Second French airline group : no decision announced

Posté ven 24/11/2000 - 00:00
Par admin

Finally, nothing has been decided at the end of a day that seemed to be crucial for the second French airline group, resulting from the merging between Air Littoral, Air Liberté, and AOM and under the control of the Swisses at SAirGroup. The directors of this company haven't made their decision public concerning the maintenance of their air transport activity, which also includes Swissair. This branch has important looses at the moment, particularly with the second French airline group. The gathering of business activities of the three French air companies within a subsidiary, has, in reality increased business costs. Whereas the buyout bill is increasing : 1.8 to 2.4 billion euros already invested by Swissair, a recapitalization of 1.2 billion euros in progress and some 3 billion euros more to re-establish the three companies. A bill that doesn't stop growing…This situation benefits from the whole attention on the French Riviera , the second French airline group being of a great importance on Nice international airport. Facing Air France, it provides not only a second service between Nice and Paris with AOM and Air Liberté, but also focuses on the whole hub strategy of Southern Europe (platform connection) that the Chamber of Commerce has established with Air Littoral.

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