Secretaryship: the job changes

Posté lun 17/09/2001 - 00:00
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Synapse Côte d’Azur, an association of secretaries and assistant-managers of the French Riviera , is organising a videoconference on Thursday September 20th 2001 from 7.00pm at the Gildo Pastor Center in Monaco, on the theme of “From Secretary to Assistant: evolution of a job”. The conference will be conducted since Grenoble by Olivier Liaroutzos, a job sociologist, in charge of surveys at the CEREQ (Centre d’Etdues et de Recherches sur les metiers et Qualification). He will bring answer elements about the evolution of this job by presenting a review, prospects and five propositions to accompany the mutation. In partnership with the Genesys Conferencing company and the Gildo Pastor Center of Monaco, the event will be shared in videoconference with assistant clubs of Metz, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Kourou (French Guyana) and the French Riviera.ContactAnnick Boes, Vice-President of Synapse Côte d’Azur, e-mail:; Tel: 04 92 17 51 66

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