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Posté ven 27/04/2001 - 00:00
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Forget the “” website but welcome its V2, its new version www…. , which will be useful to keep in your bookmarks. This new Internet portal of the French administration was designed as the entry point to its services and on the public Web. It gathers a gigantic mass of forms, information, laws, and links to other French and European administrative websites. A few data: 2 500 sheets about users’ rights; 600 forms covering 80% of standard procedures; the opening on 2 600 national and local websites as well as 2 000 European and international public websites; 11 000 referenced services; 40 000 original pages and links to more than a million of external pages…The website made by the French Documentation also gives access to a catalogue of « nearly 13 000 persons in charge of central administration, institutions and national public establishments, members of State bodies, presidents and main persons in charge of the executive of local governments and prefectures”, as it is mentioned in a decision of the ministry published on November 8th on the official gazette.The designers have chosen big private portals as a model, which obviously makes the browsing easier. You can choose between a search engine by key word or a theme catalogue in 23 categories. The information is filed in 6 sections (papers, training, moving, couple, children, inheritance) and a “window” is dedicated to the current news such as the local taxes 2000 or Cyber consumers’ Rights. Well, it is an administrative bible easy to browse on and that you can finally use…

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