Seven "incorruptible" judges inspects the Court of Nice (Nice-Matin)

Posté lun 17/09/2001 - 00:00
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This is a judicial premiere in France, Didier Chalumeau in Nice-Matin Nice-Matin ("Sept magistrats auscultent le TGI de Nice dès ce matin"): “for the second time in three years, the high court of justice in Nice is going to be inspected. Seven judges of the General Inspection of judicial services (IGSJ) are, indeed, expected this morning in the capital of the French Riviera.” The mission of these judges should last two weeks at least. This new inspection, asked at several times by the General Attorney Eric de Montgolfier, had been decided early July by the secretary of Justice, Marylise Lebranchu after the doyen of judges, Jean-Paul Renard, has been arrested. The seven judges, said to be “incorruptible” will have to inquire into the problems which could have altered justice in Nice (disappeared files, rumour about paedophilia around the Kamal case, “no ground for prosecution easily fixed, volunteer slowdown of trials, or even some judges corrupted)”, it is written in the daily.

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