Sexist ads make American feminists react

Posté lun 13/08/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

Gracenet, a group of American women who work in the high tech slammed a French ad for « flagrant sexism ». It is an ad for the computer Compaq iPAQ Pocket PC , with a curvaceous blonde who uses the pocket computer as a mirror to put some lipstick on. The commentary on the ad is the following : « All functions of a PC and the additionnal ones that can be discovered on the way ». Gracenet has thus decided to give the ad its DisGraceful Award of August (the price of the most shameful ad of August), as reports the San Fransisco Chronicle.Before, other American or Asian companies were slammed one after another for sexism in advertisement such as IBM/Lotus, InfoUSA, Lik Sang International, Wired Magazine, the Net Economy magazine, etc.. The aim is to show that there are many women who work in the high tech and they feel insulted by sexist ads.

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