Should we write Internet or internet? (Libération)

Posté lun 03/09/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

Write Internet with or without a capital letter, the question can seem trivial. However, it can be the theme of a debate. Libération in the article “"Does the capital letter fit to the network?" deals with the matter. The capital letter makes the tool sacred. The Internet with a capital letter seems to be considered as sacred. Supporters of the small letter say that the telephone or the electricity don’t have a capital letter whereas supporters of the capital letter mention the unicity of the network, wrote Libération. The “Internets” will never be mentioned. The debate is not over. For now, take it easy, if you write Internet with a capital letter, you won’t be suspected to worship the ideas of the New Age. Dictionaries of 2002 use both, the Internet with a capital I and small I.

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