The site that 'wants to make you be keen on the press'

Posté lun 03/07/2000 - 00:00
Par admin

Here is an address that you should have in your markers or in your favourite links :; the motto is 'the site that is going to make you be keen on the press'. It comes up as 'the first thematic platform that is meant to be for the written press' and 'each day, it offers to the net surfers the possibility to get information on the press through an exhaustive website, that is daily updated'. Thus, five main services are offered : the newsstand, the review of the press by centres of interests, the 'People' column, the annual of the websites, the free service of newsletters.Planète Presse, which is trying to go faster, has launched an on-line advertising campaign that will last till July 23rd. The campaign has an accompanying contest allowing people to win subscriptions to magazines, to a paper…

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