Slowdown: what is the reaction of the economy of the French Riviera ?

Posté lun 17/09/2001 - 00:00
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The agency from Sophia Antipolis, APRIM Consultant, is starting a survey on strategic prospects of companies of the Riviera for 2002 while the international environment is getting harsher.

APRIM Consultant, an agency of strategic consulting for general managing, is launching this week a large survey on “Strategic prospects of companies from the Alpes-Maritimes for 2002”. is associated to this market survey. The aim is to review the industrial network in the Alpes-Maritimes while the international environment is getting harsher and the economic situation is getting worse, particularly in high technologies.The launching of this survey has been decided during this summer. The terrible events of September 11th in the United-States and uncertainties about the world economic growth which have become more significant make the survey even more useful today.In order to set the strategic prospects of companies of the French Riviera, APRIM intends to interrogate a fair sample of 350 company managers in September and October. Managers will be able to answer on paper or directly on the site where the questionnaire is accessible. APRIM Consultant has pledged itself to keep the confidentiality of pieces of information. As well, the agency will provide each one of those who will answer the performance of his company compared to the whole interrogated sample. This will allow him to know better where he is situated in his local environment. All of the companies of the department will be allowed to consult the global results.ContactFor any information, contact Patricia Braun: Tel: 04 92 94 59 45; Fax: 04 92 94 59 48; e-mail: braun@aprimconslutant.

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