Social plan of AOM-Air Liberté: 30 jobs lost in Nice

Posté mar 14/08/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

AOM-Air Liberté employees in Nice will be all the more attentive to what will be said this afternoon at the company office, during the meeting of the staff committee, as they will be heavily hit by the social plan. While it was impossible to think that teams would not be hit in Nice, as activity was to be preserved, trade unions have announced that around thirty posts would be cut off over a total of around sixty jobs. Thus half of jobs should be intended to disappear, a disappearing shared out between supervisors, the check-in –litigation service, administrative services and the counter service. The traffic service would be only one not to be hit.During the first marathon meeting dedicated to the social plan, a meeting which came to an end on Friday night, it was announced that the number of layoffs would be less than what was expected at the beginning (1.853) and would be up to 1.406. Around one hundred supplementary posts have been preserved and three hundred employees have voluntarily chosen to go to Air France. Nice has hardly benefited from this diminution. While in Marseille, where activity will be reduced because of competition with the TGV, it was a real slaughter. The number of employees, according to trade unions, would fall from 80 to 74 people.

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