Sophia: 3.000 supplementary jobs in eighteen months

Posté lun 08/10/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

June 30th 2001, Sophia has recorded 24.500 jobs. In eighteen months (year 2000 and the first six months 2001, the research park has gained 3.000 jobs, that is to say a net job gain by 14% (around 2.000 supplementary jobs for year 2000 and 1.000 for the first half 2001). These are some results of the survey conducted by the SAEM in Sophia Antipolis. Such figures have been revealed by Jean-Pierre Mascarelli, the president of the CAD (Côte d'Azur Développement), during the meeting of the Observatory for companies housing. Regarding social reasons (companies), the gain over 18 months has been positive as well: + 2.7% with 33 supplementary companies. As far as the number of square meters is concerned, is has increased by 85.740 m2. However, everybody has agreed to say that the second half of 2001, even if it won't be catastrophic, will not correspond to the three previous halves of year.

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