Sophia: 4th meeting of Venture Capital

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Forty selected start-ups will be able to present their projects to international investors (1.5 billion francs were asked for last year). Germany will be the guest of honor.

From seed money for creation to the development capital for an acceleration, the 4th international summit about venture capital which will take place on December 4 and 5 in Sophia Antipolis will be about all the financial stages a start-up has to pass. The summit will then permit to 40 start-ups previously selected thanks to their rigor and their innovating aspect, to present their own projects and their financing needs to international investors.On-line applicationsAccording to the rules, each year a country is the guest of honor. After Quebec in 1997, Israel in 1998 and Great Britain in 1999, Germany is the guest of honor for the year 2000. The meeting will focus on venture capital in Germany and its trends and successes.The applicant firms to the process of selection will be able to find on the web an online application file on site: from Sept 1st 2000. On the site it will be possible to read programs and comments of previous editions. The program for 2000 will be online in August. The 1999 edition is on: meeting will be organized by the Nice Chamber of Commerce in partnership with the Regional Council of the Alpes-Maritimes and the County Commission of PACA, the innovation Workshop, Côte d'Azur development, Deloitte et Touche, Tornado Insider and the Financial Times.Contacts:Anne Lichtenberger, IVCS project manager, tel: +33 (0)4 93 95 44 71e-mail: info@ivcs.orgElsa Blua-simonpieri: Direction des Pôles de Compétences technologiques; tel: 04 93 95 44 73, fax: 04 93 65 41 52e-mail:

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