Sophia: ACRI wins the PUMA European project

Posté mer 26/09/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

A great European contract for ACRI. Indeed, the company from Sophia Antipolis, specialized in fluid mechanics, the observation of earth and environment sciences, has just won PUMA, the Project for the Use of Météosat data in Africa. As early as October 1st, Philippe Bardey, the CEO, is going to send four members of his team who will permanently remain in Nairobi to take part in the dispatching of sites and in training and preparation activities of teams which will use the data. “The project is all the more interesting, Philippe Bardey notes, as it is the first project entirely financed by Europe and which covers the whole African continent. All the African weather offices will thus work with Europe and they will share the same resources. For the ACRI, it will be an exceptional experience.” The job of ACRI in Africa should last for four years.

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