Sophia: the big ball of Java

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Under the supervision of Sun Microsystems, the first European Code Camp will take place at the ESSI from May 9th to 11th and will be dedicated to the Java 2 Enterprise Edition technology. It is the key of opened information technology.

Indeed, the event is a very "techno" one and it is reserved to the community of computer developers on the Riviera. However, it is worth mentioning: Sun Microsystem is organising at the ESSI in Sophia Antipolis the first Code Camp which never took place in Europe. This event entirely dedicated to the Java 2 Enterprise Edition technology (the J2EE) will take place from May 9th to 11th. As Eric Mahé notes, Java marketing manager at Sun Microsystems, about thirty Code Camp already took place but none have been organised out of the United States.American specialists of JavaThe principle of this event is a very technical deepening on the bases of the J2EE structure. "The point is not to sell a product, Eric Mahé explains but it is to speak about a specification which was established on a consensus with IBM, Oracle, Sun, BEA, Sybase and other important figures in information technology. Nowadays, companies need a flexible and open technology. This is what offers Java J2EE. It is part of the Internet philosophy. This specification enables to structure the applications so that they are as opened as possible. This enables a company to change its supplier if necessary.Why Sophia for this event? "Because there are big users of Java J2EE on the research park such as Amadeus and Air France for electronic bookings. Then because there are many start-ups. Finally because Americans are very happy to come to Sophia Antipolis, Eric Mahé notes. There is also another originality for this Sophia Code Camp: a theory day of presentation dedicated to the university world (May 9th). The second theory day (May 10th) will be dedicated to the industry. The third day, on May 11th, will be dedicated to practical with much less contributors (30 possible contributors, one per machine, against 300 for each of the two other days).The promise of this European Code Camp is the possibility to have a dialogue with Americans who contributed to the development of Java J2EE. Sang Shin, Simon Ritter, Gary Downing, Carol McDonald, Peter Karlsson will come to speak about the specification and all the features of Internet applications development on this standard. The two theory and practical days are opened to all, according to available seats (particularly for May 11th for which you can come only if you have participated to one of the two theory days). Participation is free but you have to register on the website of Sun.

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