Sophia : "Can it be done in software?" au Colloquium Inria

Posté lun 22/09/2014 - 11:09
Par admin

Rudolf Emil Kalman, professeur à l'École Polytechnique Fédérale de Zurich, sera le prochain invité du Colloquium Morgenstern qui se tiendra jeudi 25 septembre à 11 heures à l'Inria Sophia Antipolis. Il interviendra, en anglais, sur le thème "Can it be done in software ?". Accès libre et gratuit. En résumé : "The symbiosis of software with computer, sensors and actuators creates a new kind of physical engineering system. Robots used in space exploration and GPS - on the ground, GPS is just a "giant Kalman filter" - are great examples."

"But the future potential is difficult to estimate. One view - mine - is that the future depends on mathematics, on system theory broadly interpreted. After recalling, very briefly, the successes and limitations of linear systems theory, I shall outline a broad pathway to the future, following and greatly expanding ideas from classical network "synthesis" (Foster, Cauer, Bode, Bott&Duffin), algebraic invariant theory (Hilbert), identification of contents of black boxes, more..."

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