Sophia : the CCI takes up the services dedicated to companies

Posté mar 28/11/2000 - 00:00
Par admin

After the decisions taken by the Symisa (Joint union of Sophia Antipolis), the CCI will take up the services dedicated to the companies, previously ensured by the SAEM SACA. Re-opened at the beginning of this year after three years of closure, the 'Maison des Entreprises'(House of Companies) of Sophia Antipolis is thus dealing with the whole formalities necessary for the establishmement and creation of new companies, since November, 16th 2000. In close collaboration with the prefectorial services, it helps in particular with formalities concerning contributors with a foreign citizenship among the companies at Sophia (25% of employees on the research park are foreign). From now on, you will have to apply to them for that type of services.Furthermore, in accordance with the towns of the park, the County Council and the Alpes Maritimes prefecture, the CCI NCA is about to intensify its activities of economic studies of Sophia Antipolis and the services it provides to its companies.ContactThe 'Maison des Entreprises' at Sophia Antipolis; Pauline Weber; 60, rue Dostoïevski; tel :; e-mail :

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