Sophia : Cicom Organisation doesn't throw in the sponge

Posté mar 19/12/2000 - 00:00
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The former CICA manager has fallen back to 'Antipolis' (former Dow Corning) and intends to launch out an incubator for private companies. Kick off on December 21st.

Even if they have lost the Sophia Antipolis CICA management following a call for tenders which they said it was irregular, the Cicom Organisation's officials don't give up. They had fallen back to the premises abandoned by the American Dow Corning, only 300 meters far from the CICA as the crow flies. The building of 5.000 m2 with 7.000 m2 that still can be built, which now belongs to Jean-Paul Nahon, ISDnet CEO, and his partners, will be fitted out to develop an incubator for private companies.Alain André, who comes back from Taipei where he represented Europe during the Science Park Industry Global Forum, decided not to loose any time. With Denis Chambrier, Cicom Organisation director, he will celebrate the signing of partnership agreements between his company, the Sophia Antipolis Foundation, Méditerranée Technologies and the CERAM, on Thursday December 21st, 12.30 am, at the 300 route des Crêtes.The day after, on Thursday December 22nd, the company will meet its first start-up. SPE Biotechnologies has been founded by Jean-Jacques Ghigi, expert-consultant in Quality engineering and Food Security at SPE High Tech Genève. This limited company, created after an idea of Dr Pierrre Boutet, director of veterinary services in the region, will announce its great ambitions from the new 'Antipolis' : integrate the existing data-bases regarding the food security in order to allow the food and agriculture industry and producers to provide a better information to the consumer about what he eats. That's a new challenge for the Cicom…

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