Sophia: Cisco System, LSO, Carrefour in Green Side

Posté ven 07/07/2000 - 00:00
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The construction of the Green Side businesses village has permitted to big firms already there on the technopole to reinforce themselves. The last transactions…

Here are the list of the firms which have reinforced themselves on the Sophia Antipolis technopole thanks to transaction on the Green Side village last months.- Cisco Systemhas taken 1,428 m² of premises with an annual rent of 1,3MF (transaction by Auguste Thouard). One of the most important market capitalization in the world, specialized in web networks, was already in Sophia with about 10 salaried people at the Lucioles. It has now new ambitions in Sophia.- LSO Internationalby Lenny Spangberg has left from Cannes to settle with 70 people at the beginning of August in 1,484 m² with an annual rent of 1,3MF (Bergé Immobilier transaction). LSO was already there with 7 people and now it comes entirely on the technopole.- Carrefour Francewas there with a management center: the Marcel Fournier Institute, and reinforce itself in Green Side with 757m² of premises and a rent of 663,000 francs a year (Coréal Marketing transaction).And Transiciel Régions(services in computer science) has asked for 800 m² (35 people) and SK Associates taken from the US group Charles E.Smith has invested for a second premises building of 1,028 m² (a 9MF cession), and has already found a new owner and is now called 'Les Centres d'Affaires'

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