Sophia : conference on the new jobs of the Net

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The introduction of NTIC in the daily running of companies has drastically changed jobs and trainings. At the foundation of Sophia Antipolis, this new deal will be examined, on December, 1st.

The foundation of Sophia Antipolis is organizing a conference on the subject : 'Jobs and trainings : new society, new deal'. This conference will take place at Sophia Antipolis, on December, 1st, in CommTime Cast buildings (at Compaq, 950, Route des Colles – Les Templiers).The introduction and use of NTIC in the daily running of companies change drastically the old occupations which seem to have no choice to fit the new context or they will disappear, replaced by new jobs rising with the explosion of the Internet. Not only training has to adapt its methods, its contents, its mass medium, but also the organization of its structures (creation of virtual universities, universities of companies, etc). The various contributors will focus on this complete change of jobs and trainings, particularly on the following aspects : recruitment, marketing, telecommuting, new methods of training, professional training via Internet, etc.Agenda- 9.00 AM –Opening of the Conference by Pierre Laffitte, Senator of the Alpes-Maritimes, Président of the Fondation of Sophia Antipolis and Michel Del Giudice, CommTime Cast CEO.- 9.30 AM –Changing jobs and emerging ones : Denis Ettighoffer, of the Eurotechnopolis Institute, will explain how the Net economy changes drastically jobs and training methods. He will be assisted by Jean-Jean-Bernard Lafonta, of 'Banque Directe', and Laurent Cousinne, of 'Egora limited company' (France Télécom group.).- 10.45 AM –Re-opening of debates with :1. marketing and communication, by Vincent De Bary, of Fi System, The Web Agency2. recruitment occupations by Françoise Bastide, of the 'Cabinet Alexandre Tic'3. telecommuting by Sylvie Reforzo, of Cyberworkers.com4. the automobile telediagnostic by Jean-Claude Leforestier, of Peugeot technical direction (PSA)- 12.00 AM –Debate with the assembly- 12.30 AM –Lunch- 2.30 PM –Changing trainings and emerging ones : NTIC and the running of the change will be presented by Mercédès Saddier-Chetochine, of the APEC. This présentation will be assisted by the experience of Alain Jaillet of Louis Pasteur Multimedia University ( Strasbourg I) as well as the one of Gisèle Chrétien, of the Boreal College in Canada (by visioconference), on professional training via Internet.- 4.15 PM –Re-opening of debates with :1. Denis Klecha, of Marcel Fournier Institute– Carrefour Management Centre2. Didier Morfoisse, of Siemens, who will introduce the function of universities of companies within the framework of new training methods.3. Michel Del Giudice will analyse the link between the Internet and television.- 5.15 PM -Debate with the assembly- 5.45 PM –Closure of the Conference by Jean Louis Reiffers, President of the Scientific Council of the Mediterranean Institute, business teacher at the Mediterranean University, and Senator Pierre Laffitte.Contact and information :Mrs MORIN, tel : 04 93 65 35 30; e-mail : morin@sophia-antipolis.orgParticipation : 500 francs

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